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The current coronavirus pandemic has altered nearly every part of our daily life. Some of these changes are a lot easier to handle than others. If you are responsible for caring for an elderly loved one, then this can be an extremely challenging time. You need to make sure they get proper medical care without putting them at risk of contracting the virus. These are four tips to help protect vulnerable aging loved ones during COVID-19. 

Avoid Large Crowds
While everyone should try to avoid large crowds right now, it is even more important for people taking care of the elderly. You are at a high risk of picking up the virus every time you are around a lot of people. You can then unknowingly pass the virus to your aging loved one. Since this will put them in a very dangerous situation, it is just best to stay home as much as possible right now. 

Get Essential Items Delivered
Your loved one’s house needs to be stocked with food, medical supplies, and other household goods in order to keep them healthy. Shopping for these items at the store is a little risky right now, so it is just best to get them delivered. There are several delivery services apps that will handle all of your shopping needs and bring the items directly to your front door. 

Stay Home When Sick
It is extremely important for every caregiver to stay at home when they are sick. You do not want to risk getting your loved one sick during a pandemic. Since your loved one will still need their daily care, you must find someone else to take care of them. Call other members of the family to see if they can pick up the slack for a few days. If no one in the family is available, then you can always hire a nurse. 

Take Advantage of Technology
Since they are not able to receive a lot of visitors, there is a very good chance that your loved one is going to be a little lonely. Luckily, technology allows everyone in the family to visit virtually. All you have to do is set up a video chat for them using a laptop or tablet.