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It is expected that as individuals age their memory and processing will slow down. While this might be concerning to a lot of people, there are certainly a lot of memory- and mind-protective steps that can be taken in order to improve and maintain memory as well as reduce the risk of dementia down the line. On that premise, the following article presents effective ways that can help maintain an individual’s memory as he or she ages.

Regular exercise

One of the best strategies to maintain memory with age is including physical activity in the daily routine. The truth of the matter is that physical activity increases the blood flow to the entire body, including the brain. This plays an important role in keeping the memory sharp.

Staying mentally active

Staying mentally active is just as important as being physically active. As a matter of fact, doing mentally stimulating activities keeps the brain in shape, which will help keep memory loss at bay. Mentally stimulating activities include doing crossword puzzles, learning a new instrument or taking a different route when driving, just to mention a few.

Regular socializing

Social interactions help ward off issues such as anxiety, stress and depression, which are considered to be main contributors to memory loss. That being said, individuals, especially those who live on their own, should constantly look for opportunities to get together with their family, friends and loved ones.


It is easier for an individual to forget things if their environment is cluttered. That being said, in order to maintain and even improve memory, individuals should always jot down appointments, tasks and other events in a calendar or a notebook. In addition to jotting things down, it also helps to limit distractions and not to do many things at the same time. As a matter of fact, when the individual focuses on the information he or she is trying to retain, they are more likely to retain it.

Quality sleep

Sleep plays an imperative role in aiding individuals consolidate memories, so that they recall them down the road. That being said, individuals should make getting enough sleep a priority in their daily routine.