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A terrible stigma that is often associated with dementia sufferers is that they are simply incapable of enjoying life or remaining active. This is absolutely false, as any physician knows. There are many ways in which the lives of dementia patients can be significantly improved. Whether it be through safe and supervised exercise, art, music, or social engagements. Keeping the quality of life high for dementia patients is not only possible, it is essential in maintaining their well-being as well as slowing further cognitive decline.


6 Ways to Improve the Life of Dementia Sufferers


  1. Encourage Safe and Supervised Exercise – Regular exercise amongst dementia patients is really important as it facilitates healthy cardiovascular function. Many types of dementia and cognitive decline are directly correlated with a lack of proper blood flow to the brain.


  1. Allow Independent Choices – Some people think that dementia patients are completely incapable of making individual choices. This is not only wrong, it is also unhealthy. A cornerstone of health and well-being amongst dementia sufferers is the freedom of choice and independence, whether it being in deciding what to do during the day or picking a desired meal to enjoy.


  1. Eat Right – Maintaining a nutritious and balanced diet is absolutely essential for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Vegetarian and whole foods diets have shown promising results in promoting cognitive health amongst even the most severe dementia patients.


  1. Maintain Regular Social Interaction – One of the most important things a person with dementia can do is to maintain constant social interaction with others. Countless research studies have shown that Alzheimer’s and dementia patients benefit hugely from engaging with others. Social interaction slows cognitive decline and in some rare cases has even been shown to halt further cognitive decline.


  1. Personalize Communication – Many dementia sufferers will start to lose their ability to normally communicate. When this happens it is important for healthcare providers to adopt more creative ways of communicating, rather than lessening overall communication which can lead to accelerated cognitive decline.


  1. Integrate Art and Music Into The Daily Routine – Art and music are a really healthy and fun way to stimulate cognitive function in dementia sufferers. Art and music can benefit a declining brain by promoting new neuron growth from the increase in brain activity.