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When we are old, it seems like being very wise and knowing what to do when we are older is next to impossible. Many of us try to “age well” so that we can remain youthful. Unfortunately, this does not work for everyone. Aging well involves making wise choices about how to live your life. There is no magic trick that will turn the clock back, but there are many things you can do to stay young and vibrant for as long as possible. The following are seven tips that will help you age well and look forward to looking and feeling younger.

One important attribute to aging well involves having good health and maintaining a happy emotional state. The aging well exercise group participants felt that optimistic thoughts influenced good emotional health, including being happy, being independent, having an interesting life purpose, being financially secure, and enjoying good physical health. Another important attribute to aging well involves social engagement. Participants in the debilitated illness exercise group felt that being active and involved in social activities helped them cope with the illness. These activities helped them maintain relationships with others and provided a support system for those around them.

Four additional attributes were identified as important to aging well and maintaining good health and emotional well-being. The first is awareness and understanding of the importance of maintaining a positive body image. Dealing with being overweight or obese was challenging for many participants in the debilitated illness exercise group. Participants were aware of the negative perceptions they had of themselves. They experienced varying degrees of guilt, anxiety, and shame for their bodies. Changing these perceptions was an important attribute to aging well.

The second important attribute to aging well is self-contentment. Self-contentment was defined as the state of having at least one’s own sense of satisfaction with life. According to the study, those satisfied with their lives had high levels of self-esteem, were happier, and had better relationships with others. Also, these individuals had high levels of social relationships and were active members of their communities.

The third important attribute to aging well is maintaining good physical health. When people think about aging well, they often associate it with maintaining good health and weight. In the studies, participants were asked questions regarding their perceptions of healthy eating habits, their physical activity level, and their views on weight and body shape. It was found that people who maintained good health and good body image were more likely to be involved in fitness-related activities. These people were also more likely to perceive their weight as being in balance.