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Since December, the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines has started. However, this process isn’t as simple as getting your flu vaccine since you have multiple groups and vaccines at play. Take a look more into how the COVID-19 vaccine rollout is working.


The most crucial part of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout is giving the vaccine to groups of people that can be more susceptible to the disease. In terms of lowering the death count, elderly people are being given the vaccine first as they are much more likely to be hospitalized or even die due to the disease compared to those that are younger. Health care workers are always being vaccinated first as they are much more likely to come in contact with people carrying the disease daily. It’s also a huge concern for health care workers as they can catch a much higher viral load that can lead to a more severe case of COVID-19.

As we get past elderly and healthcare workers, the general public is going to start getting a look at the vaccine. Those who might have a certain health condition or just are over a certain age will then be given access to the vaccine. After that, anyone over the age of 16 should be given access to the vaccine sometime this spring or early summer.


Understanding who is going to get a vaccine is just one piece of the puzzle. For distribution, elderly people are being given the vaccine through companies like CVS and Walgreens. The companies are giving elderly people vaccines by directly going to their nursing homes to administer vaccines along with offering access to elderly people by visiting their stores.


Healthcare workers generally have vaccine distribution the easiest. Once they have set up an appointment with the doctor’s office or hospital they are working at, they simply need to show up to that medical center or one nearby that’s offering vaccine distribution. These appointments typically take less than an hour so medical workers can get back to work once they are doing being vaccinated.


The general public is expected to get many different options to get their vaccine. Along with being able to get it at stores like Walgreens or your local doctor’s office, cities are expected to set up large vaccination centers in places like theme parks and arenas. This is possible through initiatives that make this vaccine free whether you have insurance or not.