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In March of 2020, employees across the world were sent home from work for ‘just a few weeks’ while the Corona Virus (Covid-19) ran its course. Since then, the world has collectively embarked upon numerous case surges, mask mandates, and vaccine rollouts. However, as the one year mark since this turning point in history is approaching, many are asking the question, 

‘When will this actually end?

Before delving into this complex question too much, one must first explore what the term ‘end’ means in this context. For these purposes, the ‘end’ of Covid-19 will be marked by the end of masks, and open social gatherings without the need to ‘socially distance’. Unfortunately, it will most likely be a very long time before the world sees any sense of this life that is craved.

Of course masks undoubtedly assist in stopping the spread of Covid-19, the real piece of the puzzle that will lead to the ‘end’ of this time in history is vaccinations. Thankfully, vaccines have slowly been rolled out, allowing for a glimpse at the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

Keep in mind, of course, that in order for any sense of normalcy to really be felt, at least 75% of the population must be fully vaccinated. Although this is a ways off, each vaccine administered leads society one step closer to ‘the end’ of this time in history.

The good news doesn’t stop there though! Not only does each vaccine indicate a step towards normal, but so does each new vaccine that is rolled out. The USA is now officially offering two approved and safe offerings, with more on the way, and quickly! Getting shots in arms is key to the end.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day of this ‘new normal’ that we are living through as a society. It helps, though, to remember that each time a vaccine is administered, and each time a mask is worn, indicates the inching of one step closer to this ‘old normal’ that is so fondly missed. The progression back to this way of life will be slow and steady, but the world will be full of celebrations once it’s reached.